Wither Armor is a status effect that the Wither boss can have. It automatically starts when the boss is down to half health. Wither Armor makes the Wither impervious to projectiles. However, while Wither Armor is on, the Wither will sink down in the air, allowing the player to hit it with melee weapons. Wither Armor is a shimmering effect similar to that of a charged Creeper. It has no offensive benefits to the Wither, thankfully.


  • Even though it is not part of the boss, Wither Armor flashes red when the Wither is harmed, but the Wither does not while the armor is in effect.
  • Wither Armor is (so far) the only status effect that the player cannot have. It is also the only effect not obtainable via the /effect command.

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