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Minecraft Mobs Witch01:18

Minecraft Mobs Witch

Witches are nasty mobs!


A Witch.

Health Points 26
Spawn Witch Huts

Anywhere with a light level of 7 or less
When Lightning strikes near a Villager


Witches are a fairly rare mob on Minecraft. They spawn in or near Witch Huts, which spawn in Swamp Biomes or very rarely in other biomes. Note that, after 1.7.2, Witches have a fairly low chance of spawning in low light. To attack, Witches throw potions with varying effects. They have 26 HP, which means that Witches are actually rather dangerous. This is also because they can make the player unprepared to fight other mobs or severely damage them. They also have the ability to drink certain potions, which can give them more longevity (especially the healing ones). Thankfully, Witches are a fairly rare spawn. Witches fight player with potions of instant damage, and potions of poison.

Where they live naturally

  • Witch Huts (usually in Swamp Biomes, but very rarely in others)
  • At night, or where they spawned during the night.



Witches have a similar look to villagers. They wear a indigo robe with a green shirt, have a Witch Hat with a green buckle, gray-brown skin, purple eyes, and a wart on their nose.


  • Witches can use potions coherently.
  • Witches are the only non-boss mobs that can heal themselves. They are also the only mobs that can heal themselves completely by themself; the Wither sucks health from other mobs, and the Ender Dragon uses ender crystals to heal itself.
  • Witches will attack Cave Spiders in The End.

    A witch near its hut

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