Wheat, the basic farmed item, is essential in the crafting of two out of the three desserts (Pumpkin Pie is the exception). It is


obtained when planted Seeds grow to their final stage and are broken. 


Cows, Mooshrooms and Sheep will immediately go into love mode and attempt to breed with another of their species if right-clicked with Wheat in the player's hand.

How to obtain

  • Break fully grown Seeds
  • Harvest from Village farms
    Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.34.10 AM

    Wheat and Carrots in a Village farm.


  • 3 Wheat in a row makes 1 Bread.
  • 9 Wheat in a square makes 1 Hay Bale.

How To Craft Bread.

Raw Materials
Base Blaze RodCharcoalClay (Item)CoalCocoa BeanDiamondEggEmeraldFlintGlowstone DustGold NuggetGunpowderInk SacLapis LazuliLeatherNether QuartzNether StarPrismarine CrystalPrismarine ShardRabbit's FootRabbit HideSeedsStringSugar Cane
Crafted Bone MealBookBowlBrick (Item)CharcoalDyeGold IngotNether Brick (Item)StickSugarWheat
Technical Blocks
Liquids WaterLava
Redstone Piston ExtensionRedstone WireRedstone Torch (Off)Redstone Lamp (On)Redstone Repeater (On)Redstone Comparator (On)
Plants Nether Wart (Growing)Potato (Growing)Carrot (Growing)Wheat (Growing)
Misc FireEnd Portal (Block)Nether Portal (Block)Locked Chest

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