How to make a glass bottle of water in minecraft00:26

How to make a glass bottle of water in minecraft

Potion blue

A Water Bottle.

The Water Bottle is the base ingredient to all potions. It is made with a Glass Bottle; right-click on any water source (even a cauldron) to make a Water Bottle. If a Water Bottle is put in a brewing stand with an ingredient, it will become a potion. Fermented Spider Eyes make a Potion of Weakness, Nether Wart makes an Awkward Potion, and every other potion ingredient makes a Mundane Potion. You can drink a water bottle, however it will not do anything to the player.


  • Right-click any water source with a Glass Bottle
  • Fishing


  • Fermented Spider Eyes are the only ingredients that can be brewed into a Water Bottle and produce a non-Mundane potion (besides Nether Wart). 

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