How is it going everyone, welcome back to another issue yet of Wiki News! AzureAzulCrash will not have the showcases in the news this week, sorry about that. They will probably be in here next week. 


Wiki News

Go say a good farewell to Rinzler135, as he is leaving the wiki. The reasoning is unknown. We will miss you Rinzler, hope you come back and visit.

Server News

I guess with Rinzler leaving, the server will not come back up, so there will not be any server news. If you would like to pay the money to buy a server for the wiki (That would be REEEEEALLY generous of you) Please tell us. As for the server news section being removed from the news now, I need a new topic to fill server news in with. Comment your ideas below.



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My New YouTube (Again)

I had to create a new YouTube again, as I lost my password to the last one. It is now CraftedHammer Gaming. Me and Gray will probably be recording a video together soon (Don't know what yet.) Go subscribe, and make sure to subscribe to Gray too.

Thanks For Reading!

Well folks, looks like you survived another issue of Wiki News, no creepers blew you up yet. Except for... I AM A CREEPER!  SSSSS.... BOOOOM! No, just kidding. But, do head on out and mine. Seems like we need more players lately. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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