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Saturday March 14, 2015

Written By CraftedHammer, Showcases By AzureAzulCrash

Welcome back to a new issue of Wiki News, with our new writer of the showcases, AzureAzulCrash! I am very happy to say I don't have to write them anymore. XD

Showcases-Written By AzureAzulCrash


If you've ever wanted a new, realistic resource pack, this one's for you. It adds quite an element of realism (and indeed, it makes Minecraft a whole lot more interesting) to the game. It features all sorts of retextures, from the water being lighter and everything being more detailed to... wait for it... VILLAGERS! NOW WITH GLASSES!

Azure rates it 8/10. Crafted rates it 8.5/10, for an average of 8.25/10.


Wiki News

Although I have been inactive on the Instagram page lately (My Instagram would NOT download after the last update) I am starting it up again, Remember to check it out by hitting the instagram logo on the bottom right of the home page.

Minecraft News

As you might of heard, Mojang bought out Minecraft a little while ago. Well, as of the past few weeks, Minecraft Pocket Edition is now available on Windows Phone! It is identical to the version on Android or The App Store, but... Well, on a new device.

Server News

No one has seen Rinzler lately, so I don't know about anything thats going on with the server. Rinzler, if you could please leave a message somewhere, whether it's on this blog or on your message wall with the messages Gray and Silver left you. We've been getting a bit worried...


Minecraft mini comic no food in hunger games by minccifancutie-d78fdpi

PicMonkey Collage2

Figured I'd Make My Own Comic Again.

Thanks For Reading Ya'll!

Thank you for reading! I put alot of work into these, so I hope you guys enjoy them. Also make sure to give Azure a pat on the back for his awesome Showcase paragraph!

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