While Tutorials/Best-Case Scenario Survival teaches you how to act to get a best-case scenario in Minecraft, worst-case scenarios happen far more often. But they don't necessarily mean bad news; you can get out of them safely - with some luck.


  • Always use whatever does the most damage as your main melee weapon. If it's a sword, use that. If it's a pickaxe, use that. If it's a shovel, use that. If it's your fists, use them.
  • If you find yourself being attacked by a number of mobs greater than the power level of your main melee weapon (5 for a diamond pickaxe, 6 for an iron sword, etc.) run. You cannot handle 6 mobs with a stone sword.
  • If you have a long fall ahead that you have to take, for whatever reason, be sure to use Ender Pearls if you have them. If you don't, aim as close as you can to the water and hope for the best.
  • If you must cross the lava in the Nether, be sure to check for islands first. This lets you have some rest stops. This is especially important if you don't have a long-duration Potion of Fire Resistance and instead packed several short-duration ones.
  • When taking shelter from creepers, always make sure that you are at least 2 blocks away from them. They can still explode if you're visible.

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