A Target Range is a fun and easy redstone contraption to build. It allows you to practice your aim in single player, when it really matters against the mobs, or to play fun marksmanship games with your friends in multiplayer. Here's how to build one!

Raw Materials Needed

Start Building

  1. First, make your backdrop. It can be made of any block you want and can be any shape, although Wool works well and a circular shape is traditional. It's best to make it large.
  2. Then put the lamps in. Put them in places appropriate for the level of archers the range will accommodate.
  3. Lastly, place the wooden buttons on the lamps. They will transmit a signal and light up the lamps when a shot arrow strikes them.

Note: Dispensers can substitute for lamps in games that give prizes. Simply make them drop items, such as gold nuggets.

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