Snow can be handy, whether you want to give your house that homey look, make Snow Golems, annoy mobs or go Blaze hunting in the Nether. However, snowfall is hard to rely on, and nasty mobs can spawn while it's happening. Here's how to get more snow!


How to make it

In Taiga, Tundra, Ice Plains Spikes and Extreme Hills Biomes, Snow Golems leave snow wherever they walk. First, make a Fence/Wall enclosure with a gate for you. The enclosure should have 1 block of room on the inside. Create a Snow Golem. If you wish, make it someplace where rain won't fall (assuming you're in the Extreme Hills), as Snow Golems are hurt by water, and also die in the Desert Biome. They aren't harmed by snowfall. Get your shovel. The Snow Golem will create a snow tile as soon as you dig it! That's a renewable snow source for you. However, make sure you don't hit the golem. In case the snow doesn't appear quickly enough, use a slower shovel (stone is excellent) so you don't break the dirt block below the snow.

Note: It is possible to just keep killing snow golems; they drop more snowballs than are used to create them. However, they don't drop the Pumpkins, which must be farmed or found.

Advanced Snow Farm


  • 1 pumpkin
  • 2 snow blocks
  • 1 hopper and/or hopper minecart(s)
  • Glass, or any other block to trap the mob
  • Chests (optional, recommended)
  • Shovel

How to build

First, find the place you want to located your golem, and place a hopper. Alternatively, you can place a slab where you want it to be and use multiple hopper minecarts below. Then, trap the golem in a 1x1area atop the hopper, leaving a block missing to be able to reach the snow. Lead the hoppers into chests, and dig away.

  • Using two hopper minecarts is faster than one hopper, and will ensure all snowballs are collected quickly.

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