Read this guide to find out how to build a semiautomatic farm. It's called semiautomatic because you must replant the seeds after they are harvested. This works for:

A modified version of this works to collect Cocoa Beans. Yet another version is used for Nether Wart. These will be covered on different pages as linked below.


Part 1

Start making a row of tilled dirt. It must be less than 8 blocks long. Put a water trough next to it. Put fences above the water. You'll learn why later. At any rate, plant your crops.

Part 2

When you're done with planting, put a Dispenser at one end of the farmland row. Put 1 Water Bucket in it and make a means of activation (placing a Redstone Block or a Redstone Torch works, although levers are best) behind it. Now You're ready to make the collection system.

Part 3

At the end of the row opposite the dispenser, place a Hopper at the same level as the farmland or below it. Make the Hopper link to a Chest, Trapped Chest or Ender Chest. That's all! You're done!

Note: If you want Baked Potatoes from your Potato farm, you can attach the Hopper to a fueled Furnace.

How It Works

When the Dispenser is activated, it washes away the crops, but not the farmland. They will flow into the Hopper and into the chest. You can take the crops out and plant them again, then repeat!

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