Redstone Toggling is easy once you get it. You'll need a Redstone Torch, a solid block, and a form of power, such as a Lever. This is the way to create a non-activated redstone torch.
Redstone Torch

A live Redstone Torch.

Redstone (Torch, Inactive)

An inactive Redstone Torch.

  1. Place 1 solid block. Make sure there's space on all sides.
  2. Put a Redstone Torch on one side.
  3. Make a signal enter the block from a side that is not the one the torch is on.
  4. Done! Now you can make piston gates, elevators and so much more!
    • 1. Place block.
    • 2. Place Redstone Torch on side of block.
    • Place Redstone so that it is going into the opposite side.
    • Turn on. Done!

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