Lever Pulser

This article teaches you how to make a redstone pulser that is turned on by flicking a lever on/off. It's perfect for clock dispenser mechanisms. However, beware: If the game lags, it may become off, and many servers don't allow it anyway.


Start Building

  1. Place down the lever.
  2. Put 1 Redstone in front of the lever, with one on each side of that.
  3. Place 1 Repeater next to one of the side Redstones, facing perpendicular to the Redstone line.
  4. Place the other Repeater on the other side Redstone, facing the opposite direction but still perpendicular to the Redstone line.
  5. Place another Redstone line on the side that you want whatever you are activating (Piston, Dispenser, whatever).
  6. Place whatever you are activating.
  7. Done!

Turning On

To turn it one, just flick the lever on/off once, but quickly. 

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