A Cobblestone generator is very useful, especially if you live in a sky base, where it's hard to mine from. Here's how to build one!

REMEMBER: Flammable blocks (Wood, Leaves, Tall Grass, Flowers, Wooden Planks, etc.) are a huge no-no when building most generators! Keep the lava FAR AWAY from them!

Basic Generator

  1. Dig a line 10 blocks long in the ground.
  2. Place Water at one end.
  3. Place Lava at the other.

This generator is slightly dangerous to use, as the player may fall into the lava. To remedy this, place one block above the lava. However, this generator only requires some lava and water (or ice), making it quite cheap.

Piston Generator

This is a safer version of the basic generator. It requires some redstone wiring, however.

  1. Dig a line 10 blocks long in the ground.
  2. Dig out the second to the last block and place a Redstone Torch on the side of one of the blocks below. Cover it with a block.
  3. Place a redstone wire next to the torch. 
  4. Place another wire leading from that, but one block up. This will turn off when the cobblestone is generated. 
  5. Place a Piston above the block with the Redstone Torch, facing into the trough.
  6. Wrap the redstone wire around so it links to the Piston.
  7. Place Water at the end of the trough without the wiring.
  8. Place Lava on the block at the end with the wiring. 
  9. Mine the Cobblestone as the piston pushes it toward you.

This generator is safe and very useful, although it is a bit more expensive than the basic version.

Four-Person Generator

This allows up to four people to mine at once. It's very handy on multiplayer servers.

  1. Place blocks so that there are four slides, each four blocks off the ground at the highest, leading down into a center depression. 
  2. Place a ring of blocks 5+ blocks above the center depression. 
  3. Put water in the center of the ring.
  4. Put Lava at the top point of each of the slides.
  5. Build platforms for each place where the Lava hits the Water.

This generator is very good for having multiple people mine at one time. However, it has no use other than this case, because it is more expensive and slower than most other versions.


Cobblestone Generator

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