If you ever find yourself in the best-case scenario in Minecraft, be sure to follow this page! It should also be used to get to a best-case scenario. Be warned that sometimes the best-case scenario may not happen and you need to resort to other measures. That's okay.


  • Never leave home without these tools: Your sword and pickaxe, unless you are in peaceful, where you would just need your pick. While anything that shovels or axes are used for can be mined by hand, blocks that picks mine can often not be mined in any manageable time-span by hand. Swords are by far the best weapons for melee combat.
  • Stay out of targeting and/or shooting range of any ranged enemy that you encounter and bring your bow. This allows you to shoot them from afar.
  • Never have more mobs than the damage of your main melee weapon on you at once. For example, if you have a weapon that does 5 damage (stone sword, iron axe or diamond pickaxe) you should only take on 5 mobs or less at once.
  • Never use a weapon other than a sword for melee attacking. That's a waste of durability.

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