Tundra Biome
Important Information
In-game name IcePlains
Biome ID 12
Temperature 0.0
Landcover Snow, Dirt
Sky Color N/A

Tundra Biomes are a rare type of biome. They are often called Ice Plains due to the fact that they resemble a Plains or Desert Biome covered in snow. Tundra Biomes are not often seen, but can be a nice home for players, as they are fairly flat. However, in other cases Tundra Biomes often appear almost like Extreme Hills Biomes in places because they sometimes have massive hills. 

Main Landcover


  • Tundra Biomes are the rarest type of biome (not counting Mushroom Biomes) before 1.7.
  • Tundra Biomes are the most varied type of biome in their terrain.

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