When Trapped Chests are opened, they emit a Redstone signal. This can be handy for traps where a harmless-
Trapped Chest

A Trapped Chest

looking chest turns out to spell doom when it triggers a TNT block beneath your feet while you're rummaging around for Diamonds. The only way to tell the difference is the red tint around the catch.


Other than in traps, Trapped Chests are exactly like Chests. They can be placed next to Large Chests, saving room where a normal Chest couldn't go. In addition, they can form Large Trapped Chests. These can be placed next to normal Large Chests as well, so they can be disguised among many harmless chests to allay suspicion.
Trapped Double Chest

A Large Trapped Chest



The Crafting Recipe for a Trapped Chest

Crafted Blocks
Crafted Blocks Brick (Block)BeaconRedstone TorchBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of GoldBlock of RedstoneBlock of IronBlock of CoalBlock of Lapis LazuliFlower PotItem FrameHopperDropperDispenserLeverPressure PlateButtonDoorTrapdoorPolished AndesitePolished DioriteSlabBookshelfJack o'LanternStained GlassStained ClayBlock of QuartzChestCrafting TableFurnaceAnvilEnchantment TableEnder ChestTrapped ChestStained Glass PaneSlime BlockBedNote BlockSticky PistonRedstone LampFence GateRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorPowered RailActivator RailBoatMinecartMinecart with FurnaceCakeBrewing StandCauldron

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