• I'm here. So I have to talk about the run this wiki's about to go through.

    How would you try to improve this wiki? What do you think is the most important thing to do? What do you want to do first after getting staff? There's a lot of work to clean up, and looking at many pages, they lack organization. Would you clean the mess up? Maybe updating the wiki's systems could be moving. Anything that attempts to make the wiki enjoyable to read and rather reliable in its other aspects.

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    • First of all, all the pages need proper formatting and complete infoboxes. Creating a format policy at some point would be good. And then removing a lot of the spammy stuff would be nice, because a lot of that occurred. Updating all the pages also needs to be done, because most pages aren't up to date with the latest version, 1.11, because I think PC was only on 1.8 last time the Wiki was active. And then the update pages, ugh, those. Those definitely need to be cleaned up and fixed.

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    • Will the Format Policy be the same as the one on the MCPE wiki or will it have tweaks? I want to follow a policy so I don't get confused on what to edit and how.

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