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The Player is the character used in-game by anyone playing Minecraft. The default skin is exactly the same as a human's, and is generally referred to as "Steve". A player who has bought the game is able to set a custom skin on, under their profile options. It's usually someone using a "hacked" or illegal version of the Minecraft Client, or someone who failed to successfully log into Minecraft, who appears using the default skin; very few people don't change it. Steve is normally in Minecraft art. As of 1.8 a new default player model was added. This model was referred to as Alex and is a female.

The Alex Player Model


The Steve Player Model

Also in 1.8 the player's arms were made slimmer than they were in the past.


Steve is 2 Blocks tall, has blue-purple eyes, light brown skin, and dark brown hair. Steve also wears blue jeans and a cyan t-shirt that is not tucked in properly. For most of Beta, Steve also had a goatee, which is commonly mistaken for a smile. It has since been removed.

Alex is 2 Blocks tall, has green eyes, somewhat pale skin, and orange hair. She wears a green shirt, brown pants with a black belt, along with black boots. Alex's pants seem to resemble Leather Leggings.

Sounds when Hurt

In the older version of Minecraft known as indev, The Player made a deep "Ugh" sound if it was hurt or punched. Some people had complained that they had female skins so Notch changed to a flesh ripping sound or, to be more exact, a sound that sounded like a tap. In the Pocket Edition, the Player's name is Steve and instead of the tapping sound, the Player still made the "Ugh" sound and would be deeper sometimes if the player was at low health.


  • Previously, if a player was using an illegitimate version of the PC client, their skin would show up as a pigman.
  • If gold was the heaviest material in Minecraft, and the player had every inventory slot filled with 64 gold with full gold armor, he would be carrying the equivalent of 73,525,046.288256 pounds.
  • Despite The Player having a boy's name, they are actually supposed to be genderless. Notch has stated that the blocky appearance "made it more masculine".
  • Due to popular demand Mojang implemented a female player skin called "Alex"

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