TNT is an explosive block that can be placed and be activated by Flint and Steel, a Redstone current, spreading Fire or Lava, a flaming Arrow, a nearby explosion (such as from more TNT or a creeper), or by a Dispenser.


  1. Place Gunpowder in an X shape.
  2. Fill in the gaps with Sand.


  • TNT is the only block that breaks instantly when mined by hand. This prompts it for use in Spleef games.
  • TNT stands for Tri Nitro Toluene.
  • Activating a large amount of TNT can lag and/or crash the game. This is not because of the TNT itself, but because of the large amount of items dropped from destroyed tiles. To combat this, enter the command /gamerule DoTileDrops false.
Minecraft Cataclysmic TNT Explosion01:48

Minecraft Cataclysmic TNT Explosion

Huge TNT explosion

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.12.53 AM

This TNT hides beneath the Desert Temple floor.

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