Sugar Cane, also known as Reeds or Papyrus, is an item in Minecraft. Its unique property is that it will only grow on Sand or Dirt directly adjacent to Water. It is used in the crafting of Sugar and Paper
Sugar Cane

Some Sugar Cane.


  • When put in a row of 3, it makes 3 Paper.
  • When put in a crafting grid, it makes 1 Sugar.


  • Sugar Cane was originally called Reeds or Papyrus.
  • Even though player-planted Sugar Cane will pop out when the water beside it freezes into Ice, natural Sugar Cane can live next to ice in Tundra, Taiga, or Ice Plains Spikes biomes.
    Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.18.41 AM

    Two stalks of Sugar Cane generated by a river in a Taiga Biome.

  • Sugar Cane's texture was changed in 1.7 to a much darker green.

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