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The Stronghold portal room.

Strongholds are underground structures that are quite rare. Strongholds can only be found via using Eyes of Ender since when thrown into the air (right-click) they will direct the player to nearest of the 3 strongholds.

Entering a Stronghold is necessary to beat the game, but they are very dangerous. Strongholds are massive underground labyrinths made of Stone Brick and infiltrated with Monster Eggs. Their main feature is the End Portal at the very end, ready to be activated with Eyes of Ender.

Portal Room


The Fountain Room In A Stronghold.


A Jail Room in a Stronghold.


The Library in a Stronghold.

The Portal Room has the End Portal above some Lava. It has stairs leading up to the portal. There is a Silverfish Spawner as well. This portal will take you to the End.


  • Often, the portal already has 1-2 Eyes of Ender in it.
  • The structure contains large numbers of Wooden Doors and Iron Doors.

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