Sticky Piston
Sticky Piston
Important Information
Full name Sticky Piston
ID Unspecified
Type Misc
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning No
Primary Tool Pickaxe
Minimum tool level Wood
Drops Sticky Piston
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity No

This article is about the pulling and pushing piston. For the pushing-only piston, see Piston.

The Sticky Piston is an upgraded version of the Piston, which can be put in a crafting grid with a Slimeball to make a sticky piston. Sticky Pistons have the ability to pull blocks toward them as well as push them away. This makes it preferable to the Piston in most situations, although not all. It can only pull 1 block towards itself. However, Slime Blocks, if pulled/pushed by a sticky piston will be able to push/pull more than one block towards/away from it.


  • The Piston was originally from a mod.
  • Unlike other versions of Minecraft, the Sticky Piston cannot pull back a Redstone Block.
    • The only way to pull a Redstone Block back is to connect it with a Slime Block.
  • The pushing part is called the extension, while the pulling part is called the retraction.

NOTE: This is a shapeless recipe.

Crafted Blocks
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