Important Information
Other names N/A
Type Food, Meat
Version introduced Beta 1.8
ID 364
Source Cook Beef
Max stack size 64

Steak is one of the best foods in Minecraft, restoring a good amount of hunger (8 hunger points or 4 hunger bars) than a Golden Carrot (6 hunger points or 3 hunger bars), but it also has an extremely high saturation value (also around 4 points) and will let your hearts regenerate. However, Steak is not a very sustainable food source, as the spawns of Cows are uncommon and sporadic. Steak is the cooked form of Beef.

How to obtain

  • Kill Cows with fire
  • Kill Mooshrooms with fire
  • Cook Raw Beef in a furnace


  • Beef and Steak are the only meat pair in which one is not Cooked (insert name of meat here) and the other is Raw (insert name of meat here), like Raw Porkchops.
  • Beef and Steak are the only meats to have two sources, namely Cows and Mooshrooms.
  • Steak is also known as Cooked Beef.
Food Items
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