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All the Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes.

Stained Glass was released in Minecraft 1.7 as a version of Glass. It is dyed in the same fashion as Hardened Clay, namely by surrounding 1 dye with 8 blocks.


  • It can be crafted into Stained Glass Panes by putting 6 of one color in the bottom 2/3 of the crafting grid.
  • It is crafted by encircling 1 Dye with 8 Glass.

Crafted Blocks
Crafted Blocks Brick (Block)BeaconRedstone TorchBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of GoldBlock of RedstoneBlock of IronBlock of CoalBlock of Lapis LazuliFlower PotItem FrameHopperDropperDispenserLeverPressure PlateButtonDoorTrapdoorPolished AndesitePolished DioriteSlabBookshelfJack o'LanternStained GlassStained ClayBlock of QuartzChestCrafting TableFurnaceAnvilEnchantment TableEnder ChestTrapped ChestStained Glass PaneSlime BlockBedNote BlockSticky PistonRedstone LampFence GateRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorPowered RailActivator RailBoatMinecartMinecart with FurnaceCakeBrewing StandCauldron

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