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Minecraft Mobs Squid01:11

Minecraft Mobs Squid

A video about Squids.


A Squid.

Squids are the only passive aquatic mob in Minecraft, now that Guardian's have been added. Silverfish can spawn from underwater Block 97s, but they are not truly underwater mobs as they drown.  Despite the teeth, squid can not hurt the player and will be hurt if they are out of water. They resist waterfalls, and can not swim up them. Squids drop Ink Sacs when killed, which are used for gray dye and are black dye by themselves. Squid have a lower spawn rate in small pools, such as the ones commonly found in Desert Biomes. They often spawn in groups. They are commonly referred to as "derpy squids".

Where they live naturally

  • Any 2x1x1 or larger body of water


  • Ink Sacks


Squid have a rectangular body and several tentacles underneath, which they move in and out to reveal
Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 3.50.57 PM

These Squid are thrashing around in a River inside a Savanna Biome. Picture taken under Night Vision effect.

what is supposedly a mouth with square teeth. Even though they have teeth, they are still passive. The Squid is colored navy and different shades of blue.


  • Despite being underwater, Squid can and will be attacked by the Wither.
  • Squid are beloved by pranksters, as a surprising mob to find when walking into a dwelling.
  • Squid can spawn in Village wells.
  • Squids are the arch enemy of youtuber SkyDoesMinecraft
  • Squids used to make footstep noises while moving along the bottom of the river.
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