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150px-Spider Jockey

A Spider Jockey, consisting of a Spider and a Skeleton.

Spider Jockeys are rare and dangerous mobs that actually consist of two: Skeletons and Spiders. The skeleton with its Bow coupled with the Spider's lunge and climbing skills make this mob quite dangerous. Imagine: you're up in a high tree when a spider jockey appears on the edge and shoots you. Not only would the arrow and subsequent lunge hurt, you might also fall down and take fall damage. If you kill one of the two, the other will stay alive. Cave Spiders and Wither Skeletons can also become part of this, known as Cave Spider Jockeys (normal skeleton and cave spider), Wither Spider Jockeys (wither skeleton and normal spider), or the extremely rare and deadly Cave Wither Spider Jockeys (cave spider with a wither skeleton). Their effectiveness is decreased in light levels above 9, as the spider will not pursue the player.


  • Cave Spiders and Wither Skeletons
    228px-Wither Skeleton Jockey
    can also take part in this partnership, but are even rarer to see.

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