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Spider Eye
This article is about the raw food item obtained from Spiders and Cave Spiders. For the brewing item crafted with it, see Fermented Spider Eye.

Spider Eyes are a food and brewing item in Minecraft. They are a relatively common drop from Spiders and Cave Spiders since they drop 1-2 upon death, although they require a player kill to drop anything. Environmental causes do not cause Spiders to drop the eyes. They restore two hunger points, but also poison the eater. This makes them only useful when the player is at very low health and need just a little bit to start regenerating. However, Spider Eyes have very high saturation, meaning they can keep you full for a long time, like most meats.


Spider Eyes are a brewing ingredient as well as a food item. They can be brewed into an Awkward Potion to create a Potion of Poison. This is only useful if you've got some Gunpowder for a Splash Potion, or if you like to severely debilitate and injure yourself.


Spider Eyes, when combined with a Brown Mushroom and Sugar in a crafting grid, yield one Fermented Spider Eye. This can be crafted in a player's inventory, since it is shapeless and requires only three slots.

How to craft a Fermented Spider Eye.

How to obtain

  • Kill Spiders or Cave Spiders
  • Kill Witches
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