Snowballs are items obtained from digging Snow tiles with a Shovel. They can be thrown, but do not hurt mobs, excluding
Blazes and the Ender Dragon. Snowballs have about 1/4 the range of Arrows, but are much easier to get. They only stack to 16, similarly to Eggs and Ender Pearls, which makes them a bit inconvenient. These are dropped by dead Snow Golems or by using a shovel to break Snow or a Snow Block. Four Snowballs in a square make 1 Snow block, which can be used to make the golems. The golems also require a Pumpkin. Snowballs can also be shot from Dispensers.


  • If they pass through Lava, Snowballs will catch on fire and set mobs they hit on fire.
  • Snowballs are the only items in the game that can only be obtained with a Shovel.
  • Only one creature in the game gets no red flash when hit with a Snowball: the Wither under the effects of Wither Armor. All projectiles just bounce off.
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