150px-Shulker Open
Health Points 66 HP
Attack Strength 2 HP
Drops Shulker Shell
Spawn Spawns in End Cities

[view][talk] Shulkers are hostile mobs that were added in the 1.9 Update. They are found in End Cities.


When killed, the Shulker will drop 0-1 Shulker Shells, which can be used to make a Shulker Box.


Shulkers will spawn in End Cities, which are located in the outer islands of The End . They will commonly spawn on the walls of the structure, and will not despawn.


They will hide in their shell to disguise themselves as a Purpur Block before revealing themselves to attack the player. When hit by the Shulker the player will gain the levitation effect for 10 seconds. This can result in the player taking massive fall damage in the long, vertical buildings within the End City. Shulkers also possess the ability to teleport when at low health.


  • Shulker is short for shell lurker.
  • Shooting an Arrow at a closed shulker will cause the arrow to bounce back and hit the player instead.

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