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This hill in a Desert Biome is steep enough to show the Sandstone in its lower layers.

is the weakest of all the stone blocks on Minecraft. It can even be broken by Ghast fireballs, a feat which only Netherrack and Glowstone match. Sandstone is found in Desert Biomes and Beaches a few blocks below the surface level of Sand, but otherwise can be crafted in the same manner as Bricks and Nether Bricks with 4 Sand. Sandstone is found making up desert NPC Villages as well. Like all of the basic building materials, it can be crafted into stairs and Slabs

Chiseled Sandstone

Chiseled Sandstone is a form of Sandstone that is made from Sandstone Slabs. Two are placed on top of each other. Chiseled Sandstone has a Creeper face on it and can be found naturally in Desert Temples or Desert Wells

Smooth Sandstone

Smooth Sandstone does not occur in nature except in Desert Villages or Desert Temples. It is crafted with 4 Sandstone in a square pattern, which makes 4 Smooth Sandstone.

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