Saddles are uncraftable transportation items, introduced in the Pretty Scary Update, found in Dungeon Chests, trading with a villager, and in village blacksmiths.
They can be placed on Pigs or Horses to ride them. 


To ride a pig, one must right-click the pig with the saddle. They can then mount the pig. However, unless guided with a Carrot on a Stick, the pig will just meander normally. 


To ride a Horse, one must right-click on the horse multiple times with bare hands. Eventually, the horse will emit love particles and not toss the player off. This can be sped up by feeding them Hay Bales, Wheat, Sugar and numerous other things (Golden Apples and Carrots work best). Then, the player can equip a Saddle and/or Horse Armor.

180px-Player riding pig riding minecart pushed by powered minecart

A Player riding a pig in a minecart.

Mobs HorsePig
Minecarts MinecartMinecart with FurnaceMinecart with ChestMinecart with HopperMinecart with TNTMinecart with Command BlockBoat
Rails RailPowered RailDetector RailActivator Rail
Miscellaneous Carrot on a StickSaddle

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