Staff Request

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Username: CraftedHammer

Current position (if applicable): News Editor

Desired Position:  Chat Mod

Reasons why you would make a good staff member: I think I would make a good staff member because I've been loyal to the wiki for quite some time now, I help out alot, I like to talk to new people and meet new people, and I would like to help get more people to visit the wiki, like I'm trying to do with the Instagram page.

Chat Mod

The poll was created at 12:44 on December 29, 2014, and so far 6 people voted.

Overall majority, passed.

Admin comments:
  • This really depends on whether we need a new admin, given how many staff we already have. Generally, you begin with chat mod/rollback first.Rinzler (Talk·Contribs)
  • To be honest, we have quite a few Admins. However, I agree with Gray and Rinzler, chat mod or rollback to start off. ~Percy
    • Server performance is not related to the wiki.Rinzler (Talk·Contribs)

Unofficial comments:

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