This page is about the signal-repeating redstone device. For the comparison device, see Redstone Comparator.

Redstone Repeaters are quite complex devices. They have several uses, including in diodes and "repeating" signals.


True to their name, Redstone Repeaters can "repeat" a signal, powering it back to full strength. This is useful for long Redstone lines where just dust would lose its power in 15 blocks (this makes it possible to be safe when detonating a large amount of TNT; the surgeon general says that standing next to a block of TNT that's exploding may be hazardous to your health). 


By default, Redstone Repeaters take 1 game tick to transmit a signal to the next block. This can be lengthened by right-clicking. 1 click equals 2 ticks delay; 2 clicks equals 3 ticks delay; and 3 clicks equals 4 ticks delay. 
Redstone (Repeater, Active)

"Strong" and "Weak" Signals

When a powered Redstone Repeater faces an opaque block, the opaque block will become a power source of its own (similarly to a Block of Redstone) as long as the repeater is powered. In contrast, just redstone wire will not turn an opaque block into a power source.


Crafting requires 1 Redstone, 2 Redstone Torches, and 3 Stone.
Technical Blocks
Liquids WaterLava
Redstone Piston ExtensionRedstone WireRedstone Torch (Off)Redstone Lamp (On)Redstone Repeater (On)Redstone Comparator (On)
Plants Nether Wart (Growing)Potato (Growing)Carrot (Growing)Wheat (Growing)
Misc FireEnd Portal (Block)Nether Portal (Block)Locked Chest
Crafted Blocks
Crafted Blocks Brick (Block)BeaconRedstone TorchBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of GoldBlock of RedstoneBlock of IronBlock of CoalBlock of Lapis LazuliFlower PotItem FrameHopperDropperDispenserLeverPressure PlateButtonDoorTrapdoorPolished AndesitePolished DioriteSlabBookshelfJack o'LanternStained GlassStained ClayBlock of QuartzChestCrafting TableFurnaceAnvilEnchantment TableEnder ChestTrapped ChestStained Glass PaneSlime BlockBedNote BlockSticky PistonRedstone LampFence GateRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorPowered RailActivator RailBoatMinecartMinecart with FurnaceCakeBrewing StandCauldron

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