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Redstone (Dust)
Redstone is an item in Minecraft. It was introduced in the first Secret Friday Update and is dropped from Redstone Ore, from dead Witches, or from trading with villager priests. This item is for carrying redstone signals between blocks. Redstone takes the form of a red powder and can be used in brewing as well. A redstone signal will only travel 15 blocks before losing it power completely.


In brewing, is used to extend the time a potion provides an effect. This is useful if a player wants to undergo longer expeditions (such as an Extended Potion of Night Vision for exploring a deep cave instead of a normal one, or a long swim across a lava lake in the Nether with an extended Potion of Fire Resistance).

Used for Crafting


  • When Notch was asked why Redstone appeared as dust and not as ingots, Notch said that he was thinking of adding alchemy to Minecraft. This later appeared as Brewing.
  • Redstone is the only placeable powder.
  • Redstone signals will travel through Slab Blocks, but not full blocks.
  • Notch planned to add gears to Minecraft, which act like Redstone but it's placed on walls.
    • However, Notch added Redstone instead.
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