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The two types of Pressure Plates.

The Pressure Plate, also called the Pressure Pad, is an item that detects all entities that move onto it. It comes in two types, Stone and Wooden, but both have different properties, similarly to Buttons. These do not cause a rise in y-level when walked across.

Stone Pressure Plates

These blend in almost perfectly with Stone blocks. They are ideal for player or mob traps; dropped items and other entities will not set them off, such as arrows.

Wooden Pressure Plate

These blend in with Oak Wood Planks almost perfectly. They can be activated by any entity, dropped items and shot Arrows included. This makes them risky to use in, for example, a Door, where a stray Skeleton arrow may open your door, allowing mobs to get in. However, they can be handy if a player needs to set a 1-minute timer on something, where a well-placed Arrow can keep it active for a while.

Weighted Pressure Plate (Light)

These require a minimum of 8 entities on them at one time to activate beyond 1 block; even then, the signal only extends 2 blocks. These are made with Gold Ingots.
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The two types of Weighted Pressure Plates.

Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy)

These are made from Iron Ingots. They are much harder to activate than any of their cousins; a minimum of 43 entities is required on them to reach 2 blocks. Their maximum strength is 15 blocks, which requires 598 items.

Crafted Blocks
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