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Potion of Invisibility

The Potion of Invisibility was introduced along with the Potion of Night Vision, which it is brewed from, in the Pretty Scary Update. A Potion of Night Vision plus a Fermented Spider Eye makes a Potion of Invisibility. 


When a player drinks this potion, they will get the Invisibility effect. Mobs cannot see them unless their hitbox is touched. This renders the player completely invisible, unless they are wearing something. The distance from which mobs can see them starts at 1 and increases by 3 blocks for each piece of armor worn. When a full suit of armor is worn, mobs can see a player from 10 blocks away, compared to the standard 16. 

Effects on Mobs

  • Sheep, when invisible, still have their wool, which counts as armor (unless they were sheared). The rest of their body is invisible.
  • Tamed Wolves are mostly invisible, but their collars are still shown.
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders will be invisible, but their red eyes are shown as shadowy red spots. This can be seen without a potion of invisibility because Spiders have a small chance to spawn with random potion effects as of 1.6.1.
  • Endermen will be mostly invisible, but their purple eyes still show.
  • The other mobs are only distinguishable by the grayish invisibility particles.


  • The Potion of Invisibility is the only positive potion that is not changed by the Fermented Spider Eye. This is possibly because it can be very bad in some circumstances (i.e. invisible Creeper).
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