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PvP Soup Plugin

This plugin allows Mushroom Stew to do much more than it does in vanilla Minecraft. It also brings in 2 extra ways to create soup. The two new types are Cacti Juice and Chocolate Juice, formerly called Chocolate Milk.

Soup Effects

  • Each soup will first restore 7 points of health (3 1/2 hearts) until full health.
  • Then, the soup will restore 7 points of hunger (3 1/2 bars) with no saturation until full hunger.
  • The soup is instantly eaten.
  • The plugin can be configured to add different amounts of health and/or hunger.


Cacti juice

Crafting Recipe for Cacti Juice

Cocoa Milk

Crafting Recipe for Chocolate Juice


Crafting Recipe for Mushroom Stew

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