Important Information
In-game name Plains
Biome ID 1
Temperature 0.8
Landcover Grass
Sky Color N/A

The Plains is a very common biome on Minecraft. It is flat and grassy with many Roses and Dandelions dotting the landscape along with Tall Grass. It is an ideal place for farm animals to spawn due to this flat grassy landscape. 


Due to plains being flat, they are an very excellent place to build a house. Be careful, though; Endermen are easily spotted and aggravated without mountains or other structures to hide them. Caves also appear on the surface frequently. However, there is extremely less wood, so players might need a tree farm or a nearby Forest, TaigaJungle or other forested biome.

Main Landcover


  • Tundra Biomes are sometimes called Ice Plains because they are similar to plains, just covered in snow.

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