Types of Pickaxes
Wood Stone Iron Gold Diamond
60 Uses 132 Uses 251 Uses 33 Uses 1562 Uses
Minecraft Spotlight Pickaxe00:46

Minecraft Spotlight Pickaxe

Learn more about pickaxes in Graystripe's video!

Pickaxe Anim

The five types of pickaxes.

The Pickaxe, also called the Pick, should be one of the first tools the player obtains on Minecraft. It is used for mining stone-related blocks, but can deal small damage as well, although it is less effective than the Axe or Sword is. A wooden pickaxe is necessary for getting anything out of Coal Ore or all types of stone blocks. With a stone pickaxe, you can mine Iron Ore and Lapis Lazuli Ore. With an iron pickaxe, you can mine Gold Ore, Redstone ore, and Diamond ore. With a diamond pickaxe, you can mine Obsidian. Diamond is the strongest tool-making material in the game, so it can break every block, excluding bedrock. In addition they each have different durabilities, as shown in the table above.



How to obtain

Breakable PickaxeAxeShovelHoeSwordArmor
Other CompassClockName TagLeadHorse Armor
Transportation MinecartMinecart with FurnaceCarrot on a Stick

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