A naturally generated Ocean Monument.

The Ocean Monument is a structure added in 1.8 that only naturally generates underwater. It is the only place to get all variations of Prismarine and Sea Lanterns. Be warned, it is a very dangerous structure, and it is only recommended to enter if one is well along in the game. A detailed walk-through of how to loot an ocean monument can be found below.


If you want to loot one of these biomes, you will need to be very prepared. The main entrance is located at the front of the central section. Ocean Monuments are guarded by fierce Guardians and the only mini-boss in Minecraft, the Elder Guardian. Be warned, three Elder Guardians will s

The Treasure Chamber of an Ocean Monument.

pawn in ocean monuments. Some items that it is recommended to bring are a diamond sword with either the Sharpness or Depth Strider enchantment, full diamond armor with the Protection enchantment, 5-10 Extended duration Potions of Underwater Breathing, a Potion of Strength I-II to deal with the Elder Guardian, and plenty of food. Also, every minute, players within a 50-block radius who do not have mining fatigue for at least one minute will receive the effect at level III for five minutes. Along with this, a ghostly image of an elder guardian appears briefly. In the central section is the Treasure Chamber, where gold blocks can be found. Along the way it is recommended to grab as much Prismarine,Sea Lanterns, etc. as possible, as they only can be naturally found in ocean monuments.

Keep in mind that, with Depth Strider I-III on, Speed effects will help the player underwater. If you have this enchantment, it is recommended to use a Speed potion in addition to the potions and material listed above..

Blocks, Items and Mobs


  • The base area of the ocean monument is 58×58 blocks, which is significantly larger than desert temples, which are 21×21 blocks.

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