Name Tag

Name Tags, also known as Nametags, are items found only in Dungeon Chests or by Fishing (the Luck of the Sea enchantment helps in getting treasure instead of junk). They can be used to name an existing mob and make it never despawn, keeping it in the world forever unless killed.


  1. Rename the Name Tag to the desired name using an Anvil (this will cost Experience)
  2. Right-click on the mob you want to name


  • Name Tags with the same name will stack, as will ones with no name. However, ones with different names will not stack
  • Mobs renamed with Spawn Eggs will not stay spawned forever
  • Using too many Name Tags can result in a lot of lag, as lots of entities cause lag
  • If a player names a mob "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm", it will flip upside-down.
  • If a player names a sheep "jeb_" it will slowly turn different colors. If sheared, however, they will drop the color of wool they had prior to naming.
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