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NPC Villages may range in size from large to tiny.

NPC Villages are the only places where Villagers and Iron Golems spawn naturally. They are clusters of wood and Cobblestone
or just Sandstone buildings that offer great shelter.


Types of Buildings


This is a small house with a door and a Dirt floor.
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This NPC Village spawned in a Desert Biome along with a Desert Temple.

Small House

This house has no door, but is larger than the Hut and sometimes has a ladder going up to a fenced-in roof.

Large House

This house is much larger, with stairs for the roof. It is often darkened in the corner and is in an L shape or just in a straight line.


The Church is entirely cobblestone or sandstone, with three floors. The top one is open to the sky. A Ladder connects them.


Blacksmiths are uncommon buildings to spawn in a Village since they don't always spawn in a Village. They contain one chest with various loots. 


Libraries are common buildings and a village will always spawn with one. Librarys are buildings where a craft table and bookshleves can be found making Librarys a good place for other loots.
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This Library has a Crafting Table, Bookshelves and several "tables" made of Fences and Pressure Plates.


Wells will always spawn inside of a village no matter the size. The wells are 15 blocks deep and are filled with water. Villagers will tend to fall into the wells becuase of their poor AI.

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