Mushroom Island
Important Information
In-game name Mushroom Island
Biome ID 14
Temperature 0.9
Landcover Mycelium
Sky Color N/A

Mushroom Islands are very rare biomes added in the Beta 1.9 update to Minecraft. They are home to Huge Mushrooms, Mycelium and Mushroom growths. Mushrooms spread more quickly on Mushroom Biomes and can grow in broad daylight. The island (or very rarely attached to land) biome can have ore, generated structures, and other spawned things that can be in the rest of the world. These are safe places to spend the night (unless close to another biome) because hostile mobs (aside from spawners, spawn eggs, and sieges) cannot spawn in Mushroom Biomes. Sieges are the only natural method of hostile mob spawning. Though Endermen can teleport here and Withers/Bats/Ghasts can fly here, they cannot spawn here.


  • These are the only places where Mooshrooms, Mycelium, and Huge Mushrooms spawn naturally as of the 1.6.5 update, in 1.7 there is another biome called the roofed forest biome that spawns Huge Mushrooms naturally also.
  • Though hostile mobs will not spawn, Zombie sieges, Monster spawners, and Spawn Eggs still work as normal. 
  • The area in the Nether that is occupied by a Mushroom Biome in the Overworld is not mob-free.
  • A seed for a certain Survival Island spawns a Mushroom Biome right next to the island. This seed is "Netflix".
  • Mushroom biomes only spawn near water.