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Minecraft - All Mobs!


There are various friendly and non-friendly mobs in Minecraft. There are a total of five kinds: passive, neutral, hostile, boss, and utility. Each has different characteristics.



Mob Drops (Normal) Spawns
Pig Raw Porkchop, Experience Anywhere with grass
Cow Raw Beef, Leather, Experience Anywhere with grass
Chicken Raw Chicken, Feathers, Experience Anywhere with grass
Sheep Wool, Experience Anywhere with grass
Squid Ink Sacs, Experience In water
Ocelot Nothing Jungle biomes


Mob Spawns naturally Provoked by Drops
Wolf Forest and Taiga biomes Hitting it or a member of its pack Experience
Zombie Pigman The Nether Hitting it or a member of its pack Gold Nuggets, Rotten Flesh, Gold Swords, Gold Ingots, Armor/Tools (if equipped), Experience
Baby Zombie Pigman The Nether Hitting it or a member of its pack Nothing
Enderman Dark places, The End Looking at it anywhere above knees, hitting Ender Pearls, Experience
Iron Golem Villagers, player created Hitting villagers or golems in its village, having villager popularity below -15 Iron Ingots, Roses


Mob Spawns naturally Drops
Zombie Dark places Rotten Flesh, Carrots, Potatoes, Iron Ingots, Armor/Tools (if equipped), Experience
Zombie Villager Dark places, if a Villager is slain by a Zombie in Normal (50%) or Hard (100%) Rotten Flesh, Carrots, Potatoes, Iron Ingots, Armor/Tools (if equipped), Experience
Baby Zombie Dark places Nothing
Baby Zombie Villager Dark places, if a baby villager is slain by a Zombie in Normal (50%) or Hard (100%) Nothing
Skeleton Dark places Bones, Arrows, Bow, Experience, Armor/Tools (if equipped)
Wither Skeleton Nether Fortresses Bones, Coal, Stone Sword, Wither Skeleton Skull, Armor/Tools (if equipped, Experience


(in low light, neutral in daylight)

Dark places String, Spider Eye, Experience
Cave Spider Abandoned Mineshafts (spawners) String, Spider Eye, Experience
Creeper Dark places Gunpowder, Experience
Silverfish Stronghold bricks Experience
Ghast The Nether Gunpowder, Ghast Tear, Experience
Blaze Nether Fortresses Blaze Rod, Experience
Magma Cube The Nether Magma Cream, Experience
Slime Swamp Biomes (night, not new moon), below level 40 Slimeballs, Experience
Witches Witch Huts Redstone, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Sugar, Spider Eye, Stick, Potion of Healing, Potion of Swiftness, Potion of Fire Resistance
Giant N/A Nothing


Mob Attack Spawned
Snow Golem Snowballs (no damage) Player created
Iron Golem Double-hand uppercut Player created, NPC Villages


Mob Drops Location
Ender Dragon Experience The End (only 1)
Wither Experience, Nether Star Player created
  • Trivia - on some servers Ender Dragons are spawned in and kept trapped to utilise their health bar as a way of broadcasting messages to players.


Mob Spawns Type Status Drops
Human Anywhere Hostile Removed ?
Steve ains ? Removed String, Feather, Gunpowder, Flint and Steel
Steve (version 2) Anywhere ? Removed Gunpowder, Feather, String, Flint and Steel
Beast Boy Anywhere ? Removed Feather, Gunpowder, String, Flint and Steel
Rana Anywhere ? Removed Apples, Roses, Feathers
Giant ? Hostile Removed, still in flies Nothing
Red Dragon ? Neutral?, Tameable May be added ?
Fish ? Passive? May be added Raw Fish?
Pigman Villages Passive Will not be added Raw Porkchop(s)/Cooked Porkchop(s)?

Note: Monster Spawners do not count as naturally. If a mob has no spawning location besides spawners, it will be listed.

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