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Mob Heads are aesthetic blocks that are almost all only obtainable in Creative Mode. The sole exception is the Wither Skeleton Skull and the Dragon head(1.9)which is obtained by going to the End shop structure(Dragon head)and kill wither skeleton(Wither skeleto skull). There is a mob head for each of the basic mobs except Spiders. There is an additional Human head, either representing the Player or the removed Human mob. As of 1.8 all mob heads, except the Human Head, are obtainable.


  • All Mob Heads, when broken, release Soul Sand particles.
  • Even though Wither Skeletons have larger heads than the others, their skull is the same size.
  • Player Skulls used to be able to be customized via renaming on an Anvil. This has been removed and now requires a map editor. However, if player heads are obtained, they now show both layers of the head, instead of just the base layer.
    Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.36.44 AM

    The mob head breaking texture.


  • A Creeper Head.
  • A Human Head.
  • A Skeleton Skull.
  • A Zombie Head.
  • A Wither Skeleton Skull.
  • A Dragon Head

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