A manual of style intended for use throughout the main namespace. Subject to change.

Page title (Blocks/Items)

State the article's name, and add primary details.


  • Acquisition methods in bullet form

Details (if complex)

Specific discussion of mechanics (such as tool mechanics or mob AI)

Crafting (if craftable)

  • Include crafting recipes

Smelting (if smeltable)

  • Include smelting recipes


State how the item is used.


  • Cute little stuff in bullet point form

Version History

  • Relevant updates, I guess?

Page title (Mobs)

State the articles name, and add primary details. State whether it is Hostile, Passive, or Neutral.


State what conditions the Mobs spawn in, and which biomes they mainly spawn in.


State strategies for fighting the Mob, and which weapons work best on it.

Note: This section is only to be used if hostile or neutral.


  • State what the mob drops in bullet points


  • Other information that doesn't fit into any of the above categories

Version History

  • Relevant updates that affected the Mob.

Example: Ender Pearl

Ender Pearls are an item in Minecraft. They are used as throwables and in crafting.


As throwables

Ender Pearls can be thrown with the alt-fire (default right-click) command and will fly in a moderate arc. Upon landing, the player will be instantly teleported to the impact site and will take 5 hearts of damage. The enchantments Protection and Feather Falling decrease this damage.

When teleporting, an Ender Pearl has a 5% chance to spawn an Endermite.

Ender Pearls can only be thrown every second. A pearl on cooldown will have a white overlay in the HUD.


1 Ender Pearl + 1 Blaze Powder ==> Eye of Ender


Ender Pearls can be used to teleport, often away from danger. They can also be used to Craft Eyes of Ender, which are necessary to get to The End.


  • Ender Pearls have nothing interesting about them that I can think of.

Version History


  • 1.8: Introduced.
  • 1.9: Teleportation feature introduced. Can be found in stronghold chests. Now used to craft eyes of ender.

Official release

  • 1.8: Ender pearls have a 5% chance to spawn endermites when used.
  • 1.9: Added to the trade table of Villager clerics. Can now be thrown in Creative Mode. Now have a cooldown after use.
  • 1.10: Can now teleport riders off their mounts.
  • 1.11: Can now be found in woodland mansions.

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