If you wish to become an admin, use the box below to create a request. The community will then confer together and we will vote. You simply have to get a majority to become an admin. The same goes for Chat Moderators and Rollbacks. If you wish to go directly to an admin's profile to talk to them, click on the links at the bottom.

Available Positions


Chat Mod




There are no votes at the present time

The poll was created at 19:27 on July 7, 2014, and so far 0 people voted.

Conditions for applying: You must have:

  • Over 200 edits
  • Not have been banned in the last 3 weeks
  • At least 50% support for chat mod and admin, 75% minimum for bureaucrat

Viewing Rules

  • If you wish to add something to someone's request, add it under the unofficial comments section
  • Do not edit the main body of someone else's request
  • Do not move any pages or delete them
  • You must have at least 20 edits in order to vote on a request

Topic Last edit Last editor

Topic Last edit Last editor

Topic Last edit Last editor
Request:Rinzler135(2)15:49, December 9, 2016 (hist)TyA
Request:CraftedHammer10:47, January 2, 2015 (hist)Xytl

Staff List
Username Rights Date obtained
652Graystripe Bureaucrat Founder
Jeff16306 Bureaucrat March 15, 2014
Syzergy Administrator May 25, 2014
PvPMaster2001 Adopted Owner May 13, 2017
HerobrineAC0318 Discussions Moderator May 14, 2017
Rowletbeak Content Moderator May 15, 2017
Awesome Person 132435 Rollback + Chat Moderator May 15, 2017
707Mithrandir Admin June 3, 2017

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