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This Wiki is currently under new management, by PvPMaster2001. Because of this, staff positions are open. If you would like a position, please go to PvP's wall to request one.

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This wiki is about the computer version of Minecraft, a sandbox video game where you create your own world or strive to survive amid the creatures of the night. Have fun helping us edit and learning about Minecraft! We currently have 17 active users, 40,277 edits, 520 canon articles, and 15,439 total pages (including templates, categories, etc.).

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Latest activity
  • categorization Cobblestone
    edited by PvPMaster2001 2 hours ago diff
    Added category: Renewable
  • edit Potions
    edited by 707Mithrandir 9 hours ago diff
    Summary: Added some potions
  • new page Potions
    created by 707Mithrandir 9 hours ago
    New page: Potions are items that are used to inflict status effects to Players and Mobs. TypesEdit Regular potion — Can only be used by the Player/Mob holding...
    Added category: Items
  • discussion page Guild request pages
    comment by PvPMaster2001 11 hours ago


    Should they be gotten rid of? Unless you are planning to add that back, it seems pretty much useless. Can we also merge the potion pages into ... 



    I don't even know what the guild pages are for, so yes, you can delete them. The potion/status effect pages can probably be merged. 

  • edit Wood
    edited by 707Mithrandir 12 hours ago diff
    Added category: Renewable
  • edit Flint and Steel
    edited by 707Mithrandir 12 hours ago diff
    Added category: Non-Renewable

    Wooden Pickaxe!

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  • edit Cave Spider
    edited by 707Mithrandir 12 hours ago diff
    Summary: Reworded slightly
    Added category: Neutral Mobs


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  • edit String
    edited by Awesome Person 132435 12 hours ago diff


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  • edit Rabbit
    edited by 707Mithrandir 12 hours ago diff
    Summary: Moved picture into infobox
  • edit User:Syzergy
    edited by Syzergy 19 hours ago diff

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Syzergy Administrator May 25, 2014
PvPMaster2001 Adopted Owner May 13, 2017
HerobrineAC0318 Discussions Moderator May 14, 2017
Rowletbeak Content Moderator May 15, 2017
HeyItsKayliKat Rollback + Chat Moderator May 15, 2017
Awesome Person 132435 Rollback + Chat Moderator May 15, 2017
Wither13 Discussions Moderator May 15, 2017
707Mithrandir Content Moderator May 18, 2017


Minecraft, created by the Swedish company Mojang AB, is a massive sandbox game available for download. It has three modes: Creative, where you can do whatever you want, Survival, where you must gather resources, thrive, and survive mobs, and Hardcore, which is just like Survival except you have one life only. 

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Minecraft Computer Wiki Espanol!

New project! We plan to make this wiki support multi-languages, and we're started with Spanish. Just make a new page with /sp after the name of the item/block. Then add {{Spanish Translation Page}} the top of the page.

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On this wiki, each month has a special tribute. February is Biome month! Don't be shy to chat avidly about the new 1.7 biomes, or any biome! Visit the Calendar for 2014 to learn the tributes for each month.

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  • Feb. 11, 2013: Wiki founded by Honeyfern081501 (now 652Graystripe)
  • Aug. 11, 2013: Now with 13 users, six of them admins or chat mods, this wiki reaches its half year anniversary!
  • July 17, 2014: The wiki reaches 500 article pages; then increases again!
  • May 13, 2017: The Wiki is adopted by PvPMaster2001, reviving the Wiki after over a year of inactivity.
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