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Minecraft, the topic of this wiki, is a sandbox indie game created by Markus "Notch" Persson, and later published by Mojang. It was publicly released for computers on May 17, 2009 in an Alpha testing state. The full version for the computer was officially released on November 18, 2011. It is available for many different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Raspberry Pi. Players can do many different things in Survival and Creative Modes, go mining, fight mobs, build things, craft items and blocks and more! Buying an account costs US$26.95 (€19.95, 2770.49¥, £17.32). Once an account is purchased users can play multiplayer, but without an account users can play offline singleplayer mode. As of February 3, 2014, Minecraft has sold over 14 million copies on PC and over 35 million across all platforms.

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