The Minecart is a transportation item in Minecraft. It can be placed by a player or Dispenser on a Rail. Mobs or the
Minecart Sprite

The minecart sprite

player can ride it. The Minecart does not move on its own and needs the assistance of a Minecart with Furnace or Powered Rails to move it. If a Minecart is on a trail of only Powered Rails, it can reach impressive speeds. If an item is dropped or an arrow is shot onto the track, the cart will stop. Minecarts were added in the 1.4.6 update. If you run into a mob, the cart will begin moving in the opposite direction.


  • Minecarts are crafted with 5 Iron Ingots.
    180px-2013-11-03 10.57.06

    A player in a minecart


  • Minecarts are often used in rollercoasters.
  • Minecarts can be found in Abandoned Mineshafts.
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